Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dear Summer Love

"The worst part is, we didn't even have to be together for you to shatter my heart."

Dear Summer Love,

Stalked you on Facebook the other day, hardcore. Big mistake. Her name, her face, her age, I can see it all- it's the girl you're hooking up with. I look on your wall and I see posts from her friends. I look at your pictures and I see you dancing with her on nights out. It's like you're doing it right in front of me. She's really... pretty. And I resent you for it and her and the fact that I still like you yet feel like you will never like me the same way. But then I think, haven't I hooked up with other guys? Liked other guys, even? But I still always remember you, like you, wait for you, in that same little place in the back of my mind; as if I packed my feelings for you in a box and placed them in the attic for safekeeping. Is that how you feel too? Who am I kidding. Guess it's about time I got a reality check and realized there's a reason why they call it "summer love"... silly me, thinking I could make it last all year long.

Love always,


  1. I'm still holding onto the guy I fell for over the summer, in my head at least. I'm pretty sure he's dating someone now too... Letting go is always hard.


  2. Yeah... held on to the same person for about four years... one day it will stop. Either because of something you do or something they do.

  3. Thats a tough one girl. FB makes it so much harder because you can keep such close tabs on them.

    Keep your head up lady!

    Just found your blog and excited to follow!

  4. omg. i feel for you girl. have we had the same experience? mine didn't happen in summer though. but just the same thing. i derive pleasure in stalking his facebook and stalking his new girl has also become one of my greatest obsessions. and just like you i also went out and hooked up with other guys but, he remains to be there.. to occupy that special space in my heart.. in my memory. i have actually guarded those feelings, hoping that he's doing the same thing. but oh well, that was just me. :(

  5. I think we've all been there. Summer loves are extremley hard to let go of, especially when it starts as a fling and then turns into something you never expected. Facebook is such a gift and a curse because it's so easy to stalk a former fling with a couple clicks of the mouse. :( I'm glad I came across your blog, I'm now following :)

  6. first time visitor and its like you read my mind with this post. wow!
    def looking forward to reading more of your blog!

  7. I actually almost cried because I had the same thing...5 years ago...he is now my best friend and only wants to be my best friend. Hurts every time my heart gets shattered when he talks about all the "other" girls he wants to be with, but he can only talk to me about certain things that he can't talk with anyone else. That makes sense, right? :/

  8. This post is wonderful. however, I believe that sometimes even just letting go of someone you used to admire or "have a crush on" is difficult. Yes, that little memory box is hard to throw away or rid of.