Sunday, December 12, 2010

To That Guy In The Library

"Fear makes strangers of people who would be friends."
To That Guy In The Library,

Ohmigosh. There you are again- I've been seeing you everywhere lately. Maybe you just stick out from everyone else 'cause you're so damn good-looking. You're walking this way. Ack! Ohmigosh, there's an open seat next to me. Ohmigosh, you're walking towards it. OHMIGOSH, YOU SAT THERE. You're sitting next to me! What do I do? Look at you? Smile? Quick glance. I feel like you're looking at me but it might just be the book next to you. The librarian just asked me an absurd question. You turned to me and smiled. Wow do you have a great smile. HOW ARE YOU SO CUTE. Ugh, why can't I say anything? I wish I knew what grade you were in, I don't want to be checking out a freshman... one more quick glance. You're working on sophomore material. One year younger, that's not bad. Look at me. Smile at me. Two hours later... now you're gone. Aw man, I missed my chance...

By the way, my name is Fai.


  1. Oh i've been in that same position too many times to count! Uh.. so annoying! Maybe next time...right? : )

  2. I've done this many times over

  3. hehehe...dats happened 2 me as well...innumerable times

  4. love this girl! happens to me everyone once in a while and i never get the courage to say anything. maybe next time i will and you will to!
    xoxo, jamie

  5. I can't associate with this at all. If I find a girl attractive, I just go ahead and make a move. Thinking and waiting is a waste of time haha.

  6. Hahaha! You'll get 'em! I hope he doesn't think you're not interested :(

  7. I've just one excuse for this...
    Ohmygosh, it happened too fast.

    nice one.

  8. @BlasphemousAesthete

    Haha, so true!
    ->> Fai