Tuesday, November 9, 2010

For All You Procrastinators Out There

"Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!"

For All You Procrastinators Out There,

Monday, I had to work on a ten page paper due the next day. It is now officially Tuesday, and I have yet to start it. Do you know what I did instead? Made mugs. That's right, made mugs. The ultimate procrastination. Usually I do normal things, like eat or watch TV, but no, this time I chose to make mugs. So I thought, well Fai, you might as well do something with these things, and I made a store. So now I am procrastinating once again by writing to you all this shameless plug: Look to the bar on the right, and view my mugs. Haha. Hopefully this will give you yet another bizarre reason to procrastinate, as I have done. Okay, I have said the words "mug" and "procrastinate" far too many times in this letter. Goodnight, my precious procrastinators.

Your fellow blogger,
Fai, Procrastinating Extraordinaire


  1. I'm supposed to be cleaning the house tonight because the cleaning ladies are coming tomorrow (don't get me started, I didn't hire them). What am I doing instead? Reading blogs, of course.

    Now, I have another reason to procrastinate.

    Look at mugs. Thanks!

  2. but, even then, you did do something productive. Sigh.

  3. I am currently procrastinating.
    Only, I'm just reading blogs and writing comments.

    I think I should find something more productive to do..

    Maybe I'll pick up sewing..

  4. hahaha...
    I just survived a final project presentation today.
    Someday, I'll really work.

  5. I'm like that with papers as well. I'll somehow manage to click on my Twitter feed more times in a day than look at the question I'm supposed to answer. That is, until the 'fear/panic' hits; at which point I've spiralled into a caffeinated mess.

  6. ahh i second your motion of procrastination ha i hate it but i am at major fault here!! hahah oh jeez college work pshh

  7. Aww you sound like me. hi, Ima new follower, btw.

  8. I actually started reading this earlier but got hungry...

  9. haha! totaly relate to this! i usually do dumb things like put all the dvds in alphabetical order, you know...the important stuff :)